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Frosty the Workout: How To Have Jolly Winter Routine

Frosty the Workout: How To Have Jolly Winter Routine

Staying indoors and chilling through early May sounds enticing but only bears can burn substantial calories hibernating. Training in winter is hard–who wants to get up and hit the gym while it’s still dark outside. Did we mention it was cold? But if you want to meet your fitness goals, you’ll have to get creative.

Eye on the Prize

The first step is finding motivation to get you moving. Whether it is a triathlon, losing weight, or just being able to do a pull up, goals help you set your sights forward. Make sure that your goals are SMART, specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time bound.  This allows you to track your progress and allow you to see how much your hard work paid off. Your goal should take you to at least March (you’ll automatically last longer than most people who have a New Year’s resolution). Short goals are too easy to give up.

Start the Day Early

Since it is pretty much always dark in winter, you might as well jump start your metabolism and your day with a heart-pumping workout. By working out first thing during the day, you will be able avoid conflicts that will inevitably rise over the course of the day (Hello, random 6pm meeting!). The endorphins that you get from a metabolic resistance training workout (MRT) will follow you all day, even as you avoid slush puddles.

Bring a friend

Accountability is key–whether your accountable to your goals or a workout buddy, you need to find ways to make sure you stick to your plan. Our motto is Together in Strength: we always recommend finding a partner to schedule classes with. It’s much harder to skip out on a session if you know someone is planning on joining you (#guilttrip). If you are struggling to get yourself out of bed and make it to TS, we can help you find an accountability partner and workout buddy to schedule classes with.

Try Something New

Variety is the spice of life–push yourself out of your comfort zone. Try strength training for the first time (check out our Train Strong Trial) or torch some calories in TS Shred. The winter is also a great time for snow sports. Skiing is an all day workout while a light jog on packed snow (not icy!) can quickly burn more calories than a normal run in the park.


Online workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home allow you to get your sweat on without braving the cold. We’re rolling out an online program in 2019 that will include just body weight, band, and dumbbell workouts. All our workouts are under 30 minutes. Be on the lookout for more information.

We know the winter is difficult for many (especially your coaches from Florida) but if you take it in stride you’ll still hit your goals come spring. And just like your warm, cozy apartment, TS has heat, warm showers, and hot chocolate (flavored protein powder).




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