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Why I Opened TS Fitness

February 8, 2018
 Photo Credit: Ben Kelmer

Photo Credit: Ben Kelmer

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” -  Anonymous

As owner and founder of TS Fitness, I truly believe that I am doing what I love. When I wake up each day, I am excited to get to TS.

I didn’t set out to own a boutique fitness studio.

As a teenager, I was always active and involved in some type of organized sports, including track, soccer, and tennis.  In high school, I was a skinny kid and a target for bullies so I started lifting weights. As I bulked up, the bullies started disappearing and I found a new type of confidence from fitness. I was hooked.

I am a born and bred New Yorker who attended New York University, where I graduated with a Masters in Hospitality. I worked at the New York Palace hotel for my first year out of college.  I then interned at the Starwood Global Sales office during my first year of graduate school.  I loved the hotel industry-- primarily providing hospitality and quality service to customers.

During my years as a student, I worked at a Crunch gym due to my general interest in fitness and the gym’s flexible hours. I started as a personal trainer and eventually was promoted to Assistant Personal Training Manager and then Personal Training Manager before I graduated.

Opening TS Fitness

Deciding that the big box gym setting was no longer for me, I went out on my own and rebuilt my business of personal training clients.  Over two years, I began to build a training team and finally made the jump to my own fitness studio in 2011. Our first studio was on 58th street, a few blocks from the current TS is located.

I learned a lot of about the fitness business from my time at Crunch--one of my most important takeaways was that trainers should be focused on their clients’ training, not bringing in business. Otherwise, successful personal trainers will dedicate too much of their time looking for new customers in lieu of concentrating on their existing ones. At Crunch, the very best trainers already had a full schedule, leaving new clients to be paired with more inexperienced coaches.

My background in hospitality has embedded TS Fitness with a strong culture of customer service. Our staff is primarily focused on our clients’ fitness goals, while I worry about the business. We invest in our trainers’ continuing education because an investment in our staff is an investment in our clients.

Our philosophy

At TS Fitness, we have a philosophy that guides our training methods: Together Stronger. It’s literally what the “T” and the “S” stand for.

We believe that our system and model of training together allows you to meet and develop friendships with your fellow gym goers. We strive to create a real community.

We believe in creating stronger people, not just stronger bodies. We aim to build our clients up--by pushing them out of their comfort zone to help them grow, not break. We create a personal program to build a stronger you.

In next coming weeks, we will dive deeper into our training methods and how we created our class structure.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.


Noam Tamir


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