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How to Keep Accountable

How to Keep Accountable

According to a study, 80% of people that sign up for a gym membership in January quit within 5 months. This crazy statistic is a good indicator that starting a workout routine is much easier than continuing one. We’re optimistic that many of these gym goers had the best intentions but didn’t have any system of accountability. How do you maintain that drive?

Accountability is Built-In at TS

We made a system that aims to keep you accountable and remove the barriers that get in the way of your goals. Every client that joins our Group Personal  Training program has a consultation with our trainers where we discuss both our methods and our client’s goals. Setting a workout goal gives you a long term vision mixed with short-term motivation to get you where you want to be. Goals should be specific, attainable, relevant, and time bound.Your trainer will work with you to develop a personalized objective, whether its losing weight, bulking up, or finishing your first triathlon.

With a program in hand, our clients often ask us how to best stick to the plan.  We try to instill accountability throughout every session and even at home or on the road.

Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

One of the benefits of working out at a boutique fitness studio opposed to a big box gym is that with small classes and high teacher to student ratios, our coaches develop relationships with our clients. We encourage our coaches to get to know our clients and our clients to get to know each other. Building a community is of the utmost importance to us–our motto is Together Stronger. Even in the midst of a small HIIT class, our instructors will be giving you the proper attention while encouraging to do your best. It is much harder to phone in that last rep if you have Lee letting you (and maybe the whole class) know that he sees you skimping.

Make or Bring Friends:

Finding a workout partner is another great way to make sure you get to the gym. Whether you bring your roommate or make a friend at TS, working out with another person keeps you accountable. When it’s pitch black and below freezing on a December morning, knowing that your friend is getting up too can help you roll out of bed and get to class. Classpass allows your friends to know when you have a TS class booked, so bring them along!

Track Your Progress:

To keep track of your GPT routine, we provide a printed copy of your program. This allows you to record each of your workouts, including weights and reps. By simply documenting each of your workouts, you stay honest with yourself and are able to track your progression. Over time, you will have a diary of your achievements and you will be amazed to see how your body improves. Each month, we change your program and take progress photos, which demonstrates your improvement much more than looking at the scale when strength training

Get the Gold

Healthy competition is a great way to keep you thinking about your fitness. We like to create the occasional challenge that not only motivates you to get to the gym, but to work on a certain set of skills. Over the course of a month, you are able to track your progression against yourself and your fellow gym goers. In January, we focused on chin ups and our April challenge will be announced soon.

It’s OK To Go Away

Reset and relaxation are critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but a vacation shouldn’t be an excuse to forgo your routine. We can develop plans for you to keep fit on the road so that you working towards your goals, even if you are in another time zone.

Meet those Goals

About every 8-10 weeks, we invite our GPT clients for a reassessment of our initial baseline tests including the FMS.  Our coaches will run you through the same series of tests from your initial consultation to mark your progress. We will be able to see where you have excelled and where you still have room to improve. Regular check ins will help you keep your eye on the prize.  

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