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How we develop our HIIT Programing

How We Develop Our HIIT Programing

Back in March, we dove into our HIIT class methodology. Our coaches really enjoy teaching our HIIT sessions and we recognize the benefits of changing your workouts to keep things not only interesting but to improve your endurance.

We keep our sessions intentionally small; we have no more than 8 athletes to one of our TS coaches.  And since the class sizes are small, you receive the proper attention during the course of the workout to ensure proper form, exercise selection, and avoiding (or catering to) injuries.  And a small studio class doesn’t allow you to hide in the back, keeping you working at your best!

If you are a long time client or a frequent ClassPass user, you’ve probably noticed that we change our HIIT routines a few times a week. Have you ever wondered how we decide on each day’s programming?

Work as a Team

Our  programming is a team collaboration . Our meetings give our trainers the opportunity to share best practices and feedback from the previous week. Each of our coaches have a different teaching style and these weekly meetings allow us to build on the collective experiences of the team. Our staff often runs through our programing to make sure that they are balanced, innovative, and provide the right amount of challenge while prioritizing form.

Have Fun

We make sure to include some sort of fun factor into our sessions, such as a game during the warm up or a partner exercise. We’ve found that when our clients are having fun, they forget about their limitations and are able to push themselves a bit further.  Often, many of our stations are mirrored so you will have a classmate working through the same exercise as you. A little friendly competition will provide you that motivation to make it to the buzzer.

Keep It Interesting

Our classes will likely not be one long set of exercises, instead we like to divide the session up to keep you on your toes (literally, if we start with you a bout of High Knees, of course, after a thorough warm up).

Coach Elvin (NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer and Swedish Institute Advanced Personal Training Graduate) gets his inspiration for his classes’ programing from his own personal routine. “I like to base my classes off of what I like to do in the gym,” said Elvin. “I lean towards developing programs that build strength through high reps. For example, I recently had a class that started with an descending ladder of squats, push ups, TRX Rows, and sit ups. These exercises are great for building muscle tone and the high number of reps helps will not only get you to your goals faster, but also get your heart rate up,” said Elvin.

For the conditioning part of our HIIT sessions, Elvin incorporates our variety of machines, like the Versa Climber or Ski Erg.  Aside from being an effective cardio workout, these machines are unique to the New York City boutique studio scene. First time attendees are pleasantly surprised (until they try it)  by the Versa, making the workout a bit more memorable. Elvin incorporates his philosophy of high reps into the conditioning segment too–look out for AMRAPS or EMOMs from Elvin. If you are lucky, you may even get to meet all four floors of the TS Fitness’s building!

Lions, Tigers, and Bear Crawls

If you have taken a class with Coach Lee (NASM-Certified Personal Trainer), you may have experienced a series of exercises based on animal movements. “These kind of exercises, like bear crawls, are great for many reasons, they are difficult, challenging, excellent for strength but also useful for warming up… not to mention fun!” said Lee. “At TS,  we are very lucky to work in such a small intimate space where people can lose their inhibitions and just kill it! Try frog hopping at a big box without getting stared at!” said Lee.

Lee incorporates a wide range of pushing and pulling movements for the upper body and knee and hip dominant exercise for the lower half. For Lee, the most important components of his program design is a mix of variety, fun, and effectiveness.  “I think my clients would attest that these are the reasons why they continue to sign up and let me beast them!” said Lee. And since Lee likes to add twists, you may find yourself using the equipment in unconventional ways. Recently, Lee had his class use the rower as as part of an ab roll out.

The whole TS Fitness team is here to help you build a stronger you through effective and interesting programming.

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