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TS Fitness’s Newest Class: Boxing Conditioning

TS Fitness’s Newest Class: Boxing Conditioning


We are always looking for ways to innovate and keep your routine constantly fresh. We’ve recently introduced Boxing Conditioning with Coach Lee. Boxing Conditioning combines technique work, mitt-work, body-weight training and cardiovascular machines into one awesome session. With a max of 6 people, you’ll have plenty of attention so you can increase your skill level and learn in a safe environment.

We sat down to chat with Coach Lee to chat about Boxing Conditioning at TS.

What is the format of the new class?

Coach Lee: Our new Boxing Conditioning class focuses on boxing techniques such as how to throw punches, footwork, and exercises used by boxers to get fighting fit!

Can you take this class with no boxing experience?

Coach Lee:  This class is open to all levels of experience. Like all TS Fitness classes, you will have the dedicated attention of your coach to teach you proper technique and to make sure the class is modified to your fitness and boxing level.

How does Boxing Conditioning make for a great workout?

Coach Lee: Boxers are regarded as some of the fittest athletes because they need high levels of stamina, strength, balance, coordination, and mental tenacity to succeed.  Our class will lay the foundation for you to build a fighter’s body (and mind!).

Which parts of the body do this workout focus on?

Coach Lee: Heart, lungs and all of your muscles except your ears. Boxing also involves the core through movements like ducking, slipping, and weaving. Throughout the class, you are shifting weight and relying on your core to keep you balanced.

Why does your conditioning class incorporate a mobility component?

Coach Lee:  Mobility work helps to prepare your body for the rigors of the workout ahead. Our dynamic warm-up preps your muscular and cardiovascular system in an integrated manner.  We focus on your mobility first before moving to more intense exercises.

Does Boxing Conditioning have sparring? What is sparring? How likely are you to get hit in the face?

Coach Lee:  Sparring is a way of sharpening the tools you learn during boxing training and it is often full contact.  Our class at TS will focus on form and some light contact and absolutely no sparring. And no, you won’t take any punches.

Why do boxers wrap their hands? Will you provide wraps in this class?

Coach Lee: Hands are wrapped to keep to knuckles and wrists secure when punching. We will have wraps for you.

How does Boxing round out the other fitness programs at TS (such as HIIT and GPT)?

Coach Lee:  Boxing is a true test of fitness and will really test your ability to perform when fatigued.  Use the strength and endurance you have gained from GPT and HIIT to learn some practical skills and get a heart-thumping workout.

Try Boxing Conditioning with Coach Lee Fridays at 12:30PM and Saturday at 8:00AM

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