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How to Stop Making These Common Excuses to Avoid Working Out

How to Stop Making These Common Excuses to Avoid Working Out

We are dedicated to helping our client’s hit their fitness goals but part of any successful program is actually showing up at the gym. As trainers, we’ve heard every excuse in the book as to why a client couldn’t make it to a session. Adults apparently even have dogs that “eat their gym shoes.”

“I don’t have time”

One of the most common objections that we hear is that our clients don’t have the time to exercise.  There are 168 hours in a week–let’s break this down and do some math.

Your Week By The Hour

You can find time to exercise!

Your Week:

50 Hours of Work

56 Hours of Sleep (8 hours a day)

10 Hours of Commuting (2 hours a day)

14 Hours of Errands (2 hours a day)

120 Total Hours Committed

28 Free Hours (4 hours a day)

You have at least 4 hours a day that you choose not to be working out. If you want to make exercise a priority, you have the time. Cut out an hour of Netflix or social media and you can squeeze in a calorie burning HIIT class.

“That class Sounds Scary” or “I can’t keep up with everyone else” or “What if I can’t do it?

We all have fears and we recognize that facing them can be difficult. Our coaches are here to help you take challenges head-on and do it safely. In both our GPT and HIIT sessions, we make sure that you are able to do each exercise at a pace and a weight that works for you. Fitness is not a race! It is natural to compare yourself to others but try channeling this feeling into healthy competition with yourself. Push yourself for you–get that extra rep in not to show off but to accomplish your own personal goal.

We will gladly provide modifications or chat with you before a session to help you alleviate any concerns or anxiety. One of the best feelings is putting yourself out there and accomplishing something a little bit outside your comfort zone.

“My kids wreak havoc on my schedule!”

Our clients who are also parents have to go the extra mile (no pun intended) to get their workout in. We spoke to a long time client and mother of two, Erica, about her workout routine.

“I am really lucky. I have a husband and a nanny who both know how important it is for me to work out,” said Erica. Aside from her husband and her nanny’s flexibility, Erica maintains her fitness routine in three main ways.

Scheduling is important.  I try to look at my calendar at the beginning of the week and figure out when I have opportunities to work out and what type of workout to do,” said Erica. Secondly, she books classes with financial cancellation penalties. “ I hate those penalties enough that I will do what it takes to show up” she said. Finally, Erica recommends working out first thing in the morning before she has the opportunity to make excuses. “The morning is also when everyone else is still sleeping, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything” said Erica.

Find the time and bring a friend

We are onboard with Erica’s suggestions and we recommend to schedule your exercise in the morning if you have issues finding the time. By working out first thing during the day, you will be able to avoid conflicts that will inevitably rise over the course of the day. Plus, you get the added benefits of jump-starting your metabolism!

Our motto is Together Stronger–if you are struggling to get yourself out of bed and make it to TS, find an accountability partner and workout buddy to schedule classes with. You will have the added pressure of letting your friend workout alone! ClassPass allows you to join your friends’ classes so you can easily coordinate your workouts.

Finally, speak to your TS coaches. If you have concerns about your routine, specific movements during a session, or just need a little push, we are here for you. If you want us to text you before your next session, we will! Hope to see you at the gym. No excuses.



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