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Fall Nutrition Challenge: Q&A

Fall Nutrition Challenge: Q&A

We know that our clients love to indulge in a little bit of ice cream and a lot of bit of rosé but come Fall, it’s time to think about burning off the summer fun. TS has teamed up with Balanced Habits, a leading nutrition coaching program, to launch a Fall Nutrition Challenge.

Our TS team of nutrition coaches, Rachel and Hannah, will be executing the program.

We sat down with Hannah to learn a little more about the program.

Q: What is the goal of the TS x Balanced Habits Fall Nutrition Challenge?

Hannah: We know that our clients put in the work at the gym but improper nutrition can hold back some of our clients from seeing the results that they want.  Our goal is to create a program that will instill sustainable eating habits that will help our clients for years, not just for the 28 days of the program. The best investment you can make is in your health and we want you to succeed.

Q: How will the program work?

 Rachel and Hannah
Rachel and Hannah

Hannah: First, we will start with an assessment. This will include taking measurements of your body, weighing you, and taking “before” photos to demonstrate your progress throughout the program. We will ask you questions about your diet and activity level as well. All of this information is then relayed to the registered dietitians at our partner, Balanced Habits. Working with Balanced Habits, we will create a personalized meal plan along with grocery shopping lists and recipes. Coach Henry will also provide special workouts to help you maintain your fitness and supplement any of the workouts that you do already at TS during the challenge.

Each week, you will be weighed in and you will submit a food journal of your dining habits from the week before. This keeps you accountable!

Q: Are the nutrition plans super strict?

Hannah: Vegetarians, vegans, and folks who eat Paleo are all great fits for the program. Depending on your goals and activity level, you are assigned a number of daily food points, divided into fats, carbs, and protein. Each recipe that we give you will tell you the appropriate serving size and the corresponding number of points. Balanced Habits stresses the importance of portion sizes and balance. If you love cheese, you can still eat your cheese!

Q: Why join this program when I can do this on my own?

Hannah: If you are looking to improve your nutrition, this is really a great way to do it. At TS, our motto is Together Stronger. You will not be alone in this process. TS will have a launch party where you will get to meet fellow participants and learn more about the program. By bringing in the community aspect, we hope to create accountability. When you are working through the challenge with like-minded peers, you will be motivated to keep going!

We will also create a Facebook group to allow our participants to share ideas, recipes, food photos, and issues that they may find over the course of the 28 days. Rachel and I are also organizing group activities, like a hike in October.  As an added benefit, we will have prizes for the participant who loses the most body fat percentage and for the participant who shows the most team spirit.

We are actually in this with you! Rachel and I are actually going to be completing the program alongside you to get a first-hand perspective and to improve our own habits.

Q: What are some of the other benefits of this program?

Hannah: This program requires you to spend more time in the kitchen, cooking your own meals. Compared to restaurants, home cooked food is typically healthier as you know exactly what you are putting into your body. Additionally, most meals will be cheaper to make at home than take out, saving you money in the process.

Q: What if I am a horrible cook or I don’t have time?

Hannah: The recipes are very straightforward and most folks should be able to reproduce them at home. This is a great way to learn to cook, too! We will provide you with Grab and Go meal ideas so that you can continue the program while you maintain your busy New York lifestyle.

Q: Why did you partner with Balanced Habits?

Hannah: Balanced Habits has developed a program that really works. They have thousands of success stories. The key is that this program is designed to create healthy, long-term habits that will keep the weight off. It is not a quick fix.

If you have any questions for Hannah or Rachel, email [email protected]



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