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Human Relationships Are Critical To Your Workout

Human Relationships Are Critical To Your Workout

We leverage technology every day in our workouts, from clock timers to fitness tracking apps, but we believe that the non-negotiable of long-term fitness success is human relationships.

Relationships Keep You Going

As a society, we’ve become more and more accustomed to mitigating our activities to the digital world including online banking, food ordering, and even dog walking! Physical fitness though has to happen in person.

There are plenty of great ways that we use fitness tech to support our goals; apps to record workouts and calorie consumption, tutorial Youtube videos, or fitness trackers, but nothing can replace an in-person session with a trainer. We believe that our clients not only come back for our awesome workouts but the relations that develop within our community. One of the biggest commitments that you can make is to improve your fitness so we recommend putting your trust into an actual trainer and not just an app.

Safe Workout Guidance

At TS, we pride ourselves on being able to develop programs that fit your goals and your body. This second aspect is extremely important–each person’s body type and fitness level can impact the type of exercises that we prescribe. Most online programs provide general recommendations that may not account for your range of movement or injuries.

Though strength training may seem dangerous, studies actually show that weightlifting is generally safer than team sports. Often, injuries are a result of improper form or too much weight. Our coaches are nationally certified or have degrees in exercise.  We focus on continual education for our team in order to assure that our clients get the best guidance during a workout.

If you are thinking of beginning an online or remote program, we recommend that you at least work through each of the movements with a trainer before going at it alone.

Accountability and Community

Apps are great at reminding you to workout but they cannot replace the accountability system of an exercise community. Group classes are one of the best introductions to fitness. Newcomers can join a class and let the coach dictate the workout. Over time, as you become more familiar with the movements, your coach can start to push you more. An app may remind you to keep going but a trainer can make you. Bringing a friend to class makes it harder to slack or even skip a session if you know your buddy is in it with you.

We also believe that a fitness community grows stronger together. We keep our classes small–HIIT consists of 8 athletes, while GPT is just 4 to 1 ratio of clients to coaches. Small classes allow you to receive the personal attention necessary for proper instruction but also allow you to develop friendships with your members.

We are excited to see how fitness technology continues to change and support athletes’ fitness goals but nothing can replace the human relationship between a coach and a client.





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