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Having a Plan is Half the Battle

Having a Plan is Half the Battle

Creating A Roadmap to Success

Welcome to 2019! As begin another year, we have the momentum and enthusiasm to make positive changes in our lives. Though buying a new calendar may signal this chance annual we also are lucky to be able to decide to make these changes each and every day.

Each day you can wake up and decide what you want to accomplish. It can seem like a daunting task at first–where to start? We recommend creating a specific goal and a detailed plan to get you there. What is your goal for 2019 regarding health and fitness and how are you going to seize this opportunity to begin anew?

Smart Goals

Like with any goal, whether financial, personal, professional, or in the gym, you need to create reasonable expectations to give yourself the opportunity to succeed. The best way to begin is to create SMART goals, ones that are specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound.  You should create SMART goals for your weight loss and the supporting activities like your strength training goals just like you would create KPIs for your work performance. To learn more about setting goals, check out our previous blog post.

Build A Plan

Plans are a detailed roadmap for getting something done and should serve as your blueprint to achieving your goal. In order to really be successful, you need a plan that is flexible and can change with the ebbs and flows of your daily life. Too many people look at a plan as a rigid document that once written, can never change. Because of few bumps in the road, some folks may lose their grip on their plan and decide that it is impossible to get back on track. Therefore, your plan has to be fluid. Loose the idea that you will be perfect and the stress falls away.

We can help you develop a fitness and nutrition plan that works for you. In the gym, our coaches will create a strength training routines that will help you meet your goal–whether it’s to build muscle mass, develop tone, or lose weight. What you do outside the gym is almost more important to see progress. We’ve partnered with Balanced Habits to develop nutrition plans that are successful yet enjoyable. This is program that instills sustainable eating habits to help our clients for years, not just for the 28 days of the program.  We don’t believe in diets, we believe in creating habits to live.

Every morning you have the opportunity to decide if you want to stick to your plan such as going to the gym or eating better. How exciting! We know though that once in a while, you’ll sleep in or you’ll have those fries. That is OK! LIfe is a long road, you should be able to enjoy it. A plan helps you right the ship after a few weeks off or the holiday season social gatherings.

We start our next Balanced Habits Kickstart on January 18th. Join us and create a strong plan for 2019.



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