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Five Fitness Trends (Not Fads) We’re Excited About in 2019

Five Fitness Trends (Not Fads) We’re Excited About in 2019

At TS, we pride ourselves on staying on top of what is happening in the industry, whether it is putting new proven methods into action with our own twist or learning from the best in the business by attending conferences with our peers, We searched our favorite fitness industry publications, influencers, and fitness organizations for this year’s trends. These are are the trends that we are most excited about!

Group Training Is On The Rise

Every year the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) survey thousands of fitness professionals about health and fitness and release the results. This year, ACSM identified that group training (or exercise with more than 5 individuals) as its second most popular trend. They credit small boutique studios for totally revamping group classes by creating  small communities of like-minded people and bonding them through activity. This sense of belonging has increased the popularity of group classes.

Community is the backbone of what we do at TS. TS stands for “Together Stronger” because we believe training is more effective when surrounded by a community. Studies show that people who exercise in groups push themselves harder than if they worked out alone and benefit from friendly competition.

HIIT continues to be a Hit

For the past five years, HIIT has become exceedingly popular, and this year ranks 3 on ACSM’s list of trends. To the uninitiated, HIIT is a form of interval training that alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. HIIT is based on being able to go to maximum intensity followed by a short rest so that you can then repeat that intensity again.  Interval training is a great way to torch calories quickly. The often changing exercises keep many athletes constantly challenged.

We offer two types of HIIT classes, TS Shred and TS Tone. TS Shred is a mix of bodyweight, TRX, light weights and band movements, combined with cardio machines including SkiErgs, Rowers, Assault Bikes, and VersaClimbers.  TS Tone offers a more strength based workout with a mix of endurance training and muscle toning. This circuit based class relies on compound strength movements.

Sleep will get extra attention

2019 is the year that we focus on getting better sleep and maybe we will even get it! Many of our clients use wearable technology like Fitbit or Apple Watch to record track sleep patterns, which we hope will help promote better sleep habits.  Sleep is vital to your workout routine. During sleep, your body releases growth hormone, improving muscular recovery and regeneration. People who do not get enough sleep see decreases protein synthesis which is the body’s ability to make muscle. Sleep allows your body to replenish nutrients that your muscles need to repair themselves, all necessary for optimal fitness progress.

Mobile Friendly Studios

The fitness industry is becoming more technologically advanced and we welcome the change! No longer are the days of sending a pigeon to book a session. Many boutique studios are starting to offer their own apps to book classes, make payments, and check their schedule. We’re excited to take it one step further with app that will help our Group Personal Training Clients train on the road. You can access your routines, learn the movements, and communicate with TS, all from your phone.

Anyone Can Be a Ninja Warrior

Who doesn’t love American Ninja Warrior? If you haven’t seen the NBC show: contestants compete on an extremely difficult obstacle course, that tests their endurance and physical capabilities. Over the past few years since this show has aired in the US, niche gyms are starting to offer obstacle course training. Apparently, there are tons of folks who want to try this at home! No, we are not planning on building a Mount Midoriyama on East 61st but we did have a TS team complete a Spartan race year. We had such a great time that we know we will be back again in 2019.




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