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Holy Crap, It’s Dark Out

Holy Crap, It’s Dark Out

Since when did it get so dark? We haven’t even reset our clocks yet for Day Light Savings, yet the morning feels like midnight.

With the threat of the winter blues upon us, what can we can do to stay positive and motivated to work out even if we need a flashlight to get dressed in the morning?

Get Some Sun Midday

Even though it feels like we may live on the dark side of the moon, the sun still shines during the day. Try to schedule some time to go for a walk in the afternoon to get some sunlight and Vitamin D. During the winter, we get less Vitamin D (naturally provided by the sun), which in turn can affect our mood.

Exercise Can Improve Your Mood

Moving just a little bit will improve your mood and well-being. Exercise provides endorphins, the feel-good hormones. If you struggle to get moving in the dark mornings, try scheduling your Group Personal Training or Group Fitness classes during one of our 12:30pm slots.

Eat Well

It may almost be sweater weather, but that doesn’t mean you should stick just to comfort foods that are high in carbs or calories. Try to maintain a balanced diet and avoid extra sugar and caffeine as they may cause you to crash later in the day.

Find An Accountability Partner

Our motto is Together Stronger–if you are struggling to get yourself out of bed and make it to TS, find an accountability partner and workout buddy to schedule classes with. You will have the added pressure of letting your friend workout alone!

Speak to your TS coaches if you’re having trouble feeling motivated.  If you have concerns about your routine or just need a little push, we are here for you. If you want us to text you before your next session, we will!

You got this.



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