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Balancing Between Cardio and Strength Training

Balancing Between Cardio and Strength Training

The more you get into fitness, the more you’ll figure out what you like. Running is the ultimate high for some people, while others like to watch the numbers on their dumbbells and kettlebells slowly rise.

Whatever gets you out of bed and into the gym is great, but you might like to switch things up. It’s kind of like nutrition in that some people are great at eating enough veggies or drinking water, but they need more protein. Finding balance in your diet is like trying to find balance in your workouts.

Lifting weights is a form of strength training. It’s the best way to grow your muscles and get stronger. Running is a form of cardio, and it’s one of the best ways to get in better cardiovascular shape. However, weight training also works your cardiovascular system, and running strengthens your leg muscles.

Each exercise you do has a specific purpose and fits into your workout routine in the same way that carbs and fats fit into a balanced diet. Here comes the tricky part: when you do one type of training, it can interfere with your progress in another area.

Running can slow your strength and muscle gains. Too much strength training can diminish your cardiovascular gains. It’s called concurrent training, and there’s a whole science to it. What you need to know is that it’s often easier to focus on one thing and make progress.

For example, focus on strength training during the winter. It’s cold and you probably don’t want to do your favorite outdoor cardio activity. During the summer you probably want to be outdoors working on your cardio, instead of spending all your time in the gym.

Instead of trying to do everything at once, work on one aspect of your fitness at a time. Your progress will be lopsided, but eventually, you’ll balance everything out!



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