Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs

TS Fitness Corporate Virtual Workouts

TS Fitness offers corporate team zoom workouts that are suitable for all levels of fitness. 

We have worked with small, medium and fortune 500 companies doing virtual workouts for many years.

Corporate workouts create great comradery between team members, benefit employers by keeping employees healthy and happy.    

The workout is 40 minutes and consists of a mobility warm up, timed full body circuits and a cool down.  Exercises options are presented for beginners to advanced, and for those who have equipment and those that don’t. We also ask ahead if people have injuries to give them options for a safe workout.

TS is all about smart training and creating a fun and focused fitness experience.  We offer a complementary introductory team workout.  

In addition, we offer one on one virtual training, weekly zoom workout classes and nutrition coaching.

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