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How the TS Coaches Combat the Couch

How the TS Coaches Combat the Couch

Over the next few weeks, our coaches are going to share what they do to stay healthy. Most of the time they dish out advice, but sometimes it’s better to lead by example. 

The first issue we’re going to ask them about is staying active. Everyone has lazy days, but you’d expect trainers to have fewer than the average person! While our clients have their coaches to lean on when they need to be held accountable, most of the coaches lack a similar resource.

You might’ve heard that “sitting is the new smoking.” Truly, lack of activity is bad for the body. Even if your workout is lackluster, it’s better than nothing. All of our coaches experience ebbs and flows in their own motivation levels, and have plenty of bad workouts throughout the year.

Noam: “Having a friend or workout partner helps motivate me to workout. Having a scheduled time to workout gets the momentum going. I also recently started tracking my steps, so I can see if I’m being lazy.”

Sophia: “I always find it helpful to block out time into my Google calendar every Sunday for the week. I am much more likely to do at least something if I block out that time for myself. It also helps me to write down my workouts in a notebook.”

Chelsey: “I workout 3 to 5 times per week. On the days I workout I make sure to get 8,000 steps in. I also recently added a dance class once a week.”

Common themes that you can take away from our coaches are:

  • Get something that holds you accountable. That could be a workout partner, calendar or the coaches themselves!
  • Track your activity. You can use a step counter or journal to track how much activity you have each day. Reflecting can help you realize what you need to work on!
  • Have a plan. Instead of saying “I’ll workout this week.” Say “I’ll workout 3-5 times this week.” Having a specific number to reach for helps!


-Coach Henry Halse




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