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How To Squeeze In A Workout On Vacation

With Memorial Day coming up and summer being right around the corner, you may finally have vacation plans!

How do you find time to exercise while traveling?

First, appreciate that you’re taking time to relax and it is okay to skip the gym for a few days, especially if you’re staying active in other ways.  While you’re on vacation, you have the luxury of changing things up–you don’t necessarily have to stick to your normal gym routine to get your exercise in. Plan some fun physical activities like hiking, surfing, or skiing so you get to experience something adventurous while working out.

Workout First Thing

“I try to plan my workouts for the morning since that is the most predictable part of the day. Usually, you are a bit drained in the evening while you are vacationing so you’re likely to have the most energy in the morning” says TS Founder, Noam Tamir.

Over the past few years, hotels have started paying more attention to their gyms and their on-site fitness programs. Some hotel properties now offer gym clothes for rental while others install treadmills or exercise bikes right into your suite. If your hotel does have a gym, Noam recommends some sort of circuit training that incorporates full-body exercises, allowing you to maximize your workout in a short period of time so you can get back to relaxing.

Traveling to new places allows you to experiment with local studio classes, too. Depending on where you vacation, you can ask your hotel concierge for recommendations. You never know what you can learn!

Bodyweight Exercises to Get the Job Done

When Noam doesn’t have access to a gym, he turns his hotel room into a small fitness studio. “I pack a fitness band or a TRX. I’ve been known to set up a TRX on the room’s door jam so I can do pull-focused exercises.” Even if you don’t smuggle equipment into your carry-on, you can rely on bodyweight exercises for a great workout.

To make the most of your workout time, Noam recommends creating a quick AMRAP (as many reps as possible routine). Start with a few warm-up exercises and run through the AMRAP for at least 15-20 minutes. “An AMRAP workout is great because you are putting in a lot of work in a short period of time. You take rest only when you really need it and you become a little competitive with yourself during the workout, comparing the number of rounds you were able to complete with previous times you’ve done it.” His go-to workout below “is intended to hit the whole body, work multiple planes of movement, keep the body balanced, and improve endurance and strength,” he said.

Noam created a video of his favorite 20 minute body-weight workout on-the-go.


The Workout:


  • Breathing Drill (10x)
  • Rocking Drill (10x)
  • Spiderman Lunge (5x each side)
  • Single Leg Bridge (10x each side)
  • Shoulder Taps (10x each side)

AMRAP Workout:

3 Circuits: Repeat each circuit 3x with 10 seconds of rest between each exercise

  • Circuit 1

    • Body Squat with Pause (30 secs)
    • Yoga Pushups (30 secs)
    • Plank Walk (30 secs)
  • Circuit 2

    • Single Leg Bowler Squat (20 secs each leg)
    • Reverse Snow Angel (30 secs)
    • T Push Up (30 secs)
  • Circuit 3

    • Walk Out (30 secs)
    • Ice Skaters (30 secs)
    • Cross Mountain Climbers (30 secs)




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