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How To Virtually Train At Home

With virtual personal training becoming a huge trend due to the pandemic, setting up your home for a personalized workout is key for a great experience.  Our coaches have become experts in providing virtual training from our studio and homes in New York City.  We currently have 80+ clients doing sessions with us and over 150 sessions per week. 

How To Setup Your Home For A Virtual Training Session

Making sure you have enough space so that your trainer can coach you in the best way possible.  The camera should be set up at least 8 ft away and with 8 ft of width.  This will allow your trainer to see you both vertically and horizontally when exercising.  

How To Position Yourself During A Virtual Training Session

When doing standing movements, it is best to stand at a 45-degree angle to the camera so your trainer can see the width and depth of your exercises such as deadlifts and squats.  When doing floor exercises, it is best to be turned 90 degrees to the camera for exercises such as planks and pushups

If space is sparse in your New York City apartment, you may want to quickly change the orientation of the camera to vertical when doing standing exercises and horizontal when doing floor exercises. 

What’s The Best Camera Angle?

The angle of the camera is also important. Having the camera close to the floor gives you the best use of your area.  The camera should be angled between 30- 45 degrees but that can vary depending on how much space you have. 

Getting a stand for your phone or laptop is very helpful as it allows you to adjust the angles as needed. 

Know Your Learning Style

Are you a visual person or are you an audible learner? Do you need the coach to demonstrate exercises or are you someone who can follow verbal instructions on how to do an exercise properly?  That is something important to communicate with your trainer.  

Using these tips can help you get that most out of your virtual personal training workout.  Succe



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