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How To Win Your Morning

You should consider your morning routine as a warm-up for your day ahead. You want to get your body — and mind — ready for what’s to come. Here are some healthy morning rituals that we recommend to stay on track through the day.

Drink water

This sounds remarkably simple, but it’s probably the most important thing to do on the list. In the hot summer months, you can get dehydrated quickly during the night. It’s important to rehydrate in the morning because dehydration makes it harder to think and exercise. Water also helps keep your digestive system running smoothly. Start your day with a full glass, maybe even two. If you drink coffee, try to match that with another glass of water.


Meditation is incredibly helpful, but few people take the time to learn how to do it properly. Even fewer people do it on a consistent basis. Writing in a journal isn’t the same as meditation, but it counts as a form of mental wellness and many find that it’s easier to stick to. This can include writing out your intentions/goals for the day, writing down your dreams from the night before, planning out your schedule, or simply writing down your morning thoughts. All you need is about five minutes to scribble something down. This can declutter your mind and get you focused on what’s to come.

Light stretching

Dogs and cats often do little stretches when they wake up from sleeping. Why don’t we? First thing in the morning, wake up your joints and iron out any stiffness by doing a light stretching routine. You can even take your favorite exercises from the TS warmup and do them every day. Doing a few light movements like child’s pose, cat/cow, and pigeon pose from yoga is enough to start your day.

Eat a light breakfast (Optional)

Some people hate breakfast and others love it. While you don’t need to eat in the morning, you might function better with some food in your stomach. If you choose to eat, try to find something that’s balanced. The ideal breakfast has protein, fat, carbs, and fiber. An example is an omelet, oatmeal with protein powder, or yogurt with granola.



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