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Learn More About Together Stronger, TS Fitness, and Noam Tamir

Noam, TS owner and CEO,  was recently featured and interviewed on Natfluence. Natfluence is a platform for top business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to share their paths to success and help empower like-minded movers and shakers.

Learn more about Noam’s and TS’s philosophy of Together Stronger.

At TS Fitness, we have a philosophy that guides our culture: Together Stronger. It’s what our “T” and the “S” stand for. I believe in creating stronger people, not just stronger bodies. I aim to strengthen people by pushing them out of their comfort zone to help them grow. I like to say, “We are here to build you up not break you down.”

Plus read about how Noam started TS and his motivations in supporting his clients. 

If you aren’t growing, you’re dying. When people stop learning and wanting to grow that’s the beginning of the end.




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