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Should You Be Cutting Coffee To Hit Your Goals?

Starbucks stretches the limits of what’s acceptable to put in coffee. Their drinks range from black coffee to sugar-infused, whipped-cream topped coffee milkshakes. Then, a company called Bulletproof started adding fats to coffee as a way to supercharge your morning (they originally started by putting butter in coffee).

What you put in your coffee seems to be a controversy in the nutrition world, with some diet gurus claiming that you can’t possibly put half and half in your coffee and expect to lose weight. In this week’s newsletter, we’ll go over what you should (or shouldn’t) add to your morning cup of joe.

First thing’s first, whatever you put in your coffee probably won’t have a big impact on your weight loss. Half and half, which is probably the most caloric additive in the coffee world, contains 40 calories per 2 tablespoons. There are 9 calories in one serving of sugar, but most people probably have 2 if they like sugar, so let’s go with 18 calories.

Regular, black coffee contains about 2 calories per cup. That’s a total of 60 calories in a standard cup of coffee with half and half and regular sugar. That’s equivalent to a cup of raspberries. 

Let’s assume you want to cut down on the calories in your coffee. You might switch to 2% milk and alternativee sweeteners. 2 tablespoons of 2% milk is 14 calories, and a serving of Stevia sweetener is 0 calories. That puts your cup of coffee at roughly 16 calories. 

Despite some bad press, artificial sweeteners are safe for consumption. The only note is that they can be very sweet, so use them sparingly!

Another popular coffee additive is syrup. Starbucks uses syrup flavorings to make your coffee sweet and delicious. Just note that they can be a fairly large source of calories. Torani, a popular syrup, contains 50 calories per tablespoon. If you use too much in your coffee, the calories can add up.

You should enjoy your morning coffee, but don’t be afraid to explore different combinations. The calories don’t add up too quickly, so don’t be afraid to add delicious things. However, there are plenty of alternatives if you want to cut down on calories.



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