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Lose Fat, Not Weight

It seems like fitness goals can be broken down into two major categories: losing weight or gaining weight. For the lucky few who are naturally

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We Got Your Back

Back pain can ruin any workout and protecting your back may not be on the top of your mind during a workout session. Most exercises incorporate the collection of about 140 muscles that make up your back even if the movement is not directly targeting it. By including a few simple exercises into your normal routine, you can help protect your back from potential injury.

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Haunted Halloween HIIT Workout

Halloween is right around the corner and there is no reason you can’t start burning off that candy corn right now.  Our trainers have put together a ghouling workout so start exorcising!

Our HIIT exercise only requires a decorated pumpkin. We tried using carved Jack-o-lantern but it ended up squashed.

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