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The Benefits of Warming Up

The things that are the most helpful tend to be the things we often overlook. Vegetables, for example, are very healthy. Unfortunately, it’s hard to make vegetables sexy. Steaks, cakes, and pasta are all sexy foods.

Similarly, it’s hard to make a warm-up sexy. Deadlifts, sprints, and pull-ups are all fun, but the warm-up seems like more of a burden. Similar to vegetables, the warm-up is important for your health. 

First, it helps to know what you’re trying to accomplish during the warm-up. Raising body temperature is the primary goal (didn’t see that coming!). When your body temperature rises, muscles become more pliable (flexible).

Secondly, warming up is also about moving your joints. When a joint moves, it produces something called synovial fluid. Think of it as WD-40 for your joints. It acts as a lubricant to make your joints move more smoothly.

When you do a warm-up, your heart rate increases and you get more alert. Your body prepares itself to exercise so that you start with more oxygen in your blood and more energy in your muscles. In other words, the warm-up helps you perform better.

How The Warm-Up at TS Works:

First, you prepare your joints and muscles to move with mobility exercises. Then you warm up muscles like the hips and core to prepare them for the workout. Finally, you do calisthenics to get your body warm and ready for the workout.

 Tips to Master the Warm-Up:

  • Don’t hold your breath on any stretching or mobility exercise
  • Pay attention to your technique. Take the exercises as seriously as you’d take a heavy weightlifting movement
  • Don’t hold back. Just because it’s a warm-up doesn’t mean you should take it easy. Try to get a little sweaty just to be sure your body is warming up.
  • Show up on time or a little early. Treat the warm-up as part of the workout. Make sure you’re at class on time so that you don’t miss it! You can even start stretching on your own if you have time. 




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