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Virtual Classes Help Couples Get Fit No Matter Where They Live

We’ve always believed that working out with a partner is a great way to increase your accountability. Partners force you to work out harder, longer, and even help you get out of bed. Now that we started offering online and virtual personal training sessions, your partner may be your roommate or your significant other! With online sessions, you can even find accountability partners from around the world, not just in New York City.

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Since TS Fitness has moved mostly online, many couples find themselves training at home together. One of the most significant benefits of that arrangement is that they don’t have to pay for two memberships, since the training takes the same amount of time for the TS Fitness staff.

Noam said he thinks that couples workouts also provide more accountability and connection. He also appreciates helping people work out together in their homes.

“A lot of clients have started bringing their significant others. That’s been an incredible part of virtual training. One person sees their partner working out, and they say, you know what, can I try it?” Noam told us.

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