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The Wellness Roadmap Program is a proven system that has helped many of our clients beyond the four walls of the TS Fitness. 

Our main mission is to help you GROW, BE CONSISTENT & HAVE A COMMUNITY TO SUPPORT YOU.

Here’s what you get!
  • Our signature 8 Step Road Map Program that focuses on achieving sustainable results. 
  • Access to a coach via email for accountability and support 
  • Over 40 easy to follow on demand workouts with or without equipment, which are suitable for all fitness levels. 
  • Recovery and Nutritional guidance to keep you fail proof and going strong!
  • Our nationally accredited fitness articles, ebooks and other resources for quick tips and hacks to accelerate results. 
  • Monthly Live workouts on our private Facebook page. Here’s where the magic happens! You’ll be able to interact with your coaches live through workouts and engage in fitness challenges all while finding support through other group members with similar goals. Feel free to share your successes and obstacles in this group. Remember alone you're strong, but together we're STRONGER!

The cost of all of this is only $24.99 and you get a 15 Day Free Trial Click the button below to purchase.

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