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What is the TS Method and why does it work?

February 25, 2018

At TS Fitness, our goal is to build you up--not break you. We give each of our clients the personal attention and programming needed to succeed. When it comes to strength, “Better sore than sorry” isn't always the answer.

We specialize in Group Personal Training and HIIT Conditioning. Our program will help you achieve your goals because we custom build it for your body.

Before you start working with the TS team, we conduct a diagnostic session to better understand your goals and your body.  Many gyms neglect baseline fitness exams to just focus on a client’s long-term goals that may be more superficial than building healthier bodies.

Functional Movement Screen

We rely on the Functional Movement Screen “FMS”, employed by personal trainers (and also physical therapists), to identify any asymmetries in your body. By using FMS and our in-house movement assessment, we can identify where we can improve your mobility, stability, and strength.

Identifying the issues is not enough.  We assign specific exercises to you for both studio and at home work.  We even email our clients videos of the necessary drills for reference. Doing a corrective exercise 4-5 times a week will yield faster improvement and overall better results of the program.

For example, here is a video of Noam demonstrating 3 Way Toe Touches, a great way to improve a client’s ability to hinge to do deadlifts and bent over rows.  



During your warm up at TS, you will be focused on your correctives while your fellow athletes will dedicate the same time to their unique set of exercises.

Our Secret Sauce: Group Personal Training

After analyzing your assessment results, we can create a personal training plan that is tailored to your body. Our method is focused on multiple supersets for a full body workout versus. spot training each muscle group.  Each month, we totally revamp your exercises to make sure you never plateau.

TS stands for “Together Stronger” because we believe strength training is more effective when surrounded by a strong community. Our Group Personal Training sessions pair you with a maximum 3 fellow athletes to one of our top coaches. Studies show that people who exercise in groups push themselves harder than if they worked out alone and benefit from friendly competition. Additionally, group classes raise general endorphin levels, giving you a great mood boost to push you through the end. We tap into this positive energy in all of our workouts and aim to foster a strong community.

By the end of one of our GPT sessions, you will have worked all your major muscle groups, hitting both your fast and slow twitch muscles. You will be on your way to a stronger you. After 10-12 weeks of working with us, we reassess again to see how your body has developed and we implement a new set of corrective exercises, if necessary.   This is where many other fitness programs fall short--you are evaluated once and then never again.  

Metabolic Resistance Training

We focus our training systems on leveraging metabolic resistance training (MRT). Metabolic resistance training relies on completing structural and compound exercises with little rest in between exercises to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout. Studies show that MRT sessions can burn calories (exercise post oxygen consumption or EPOC) for 38 hours after completing a work out. In other words, if you complete a GPT session with us on Monday morning, you will be still burning calories (without an additional session) on Tuesday evening. Talk about getting more burn for your buck!

Each class at TS Fitness, no matter if it is HIIT or GPT, starts with a methodical warm up (we will never throw you right into running or cardio). We get your body warmed up, step by step and joint by joint before launching into our session. Our coaches will walk you through every part of your training routine.

After our warm up, we transition to a short skills training. This month, we are focusing on developing the necessary form for chin ups.  We are also incorporating power skills like jump squats to develop the explosive power for box jumps.

We then move to our full MRT workout. Our goal here is to maximize caloric expenditure while also increasing your metabolic rate. "Muscle is constantly being broken down, recreated, and synthesized, and all these processes require energy. The more muscle you have, the more energy it takes for this process,” said Noam. Building muscle jacks up your metabolism.

Just like during the warm-up, your routine will be on the same time schedule as your fellow athletes but it will be tailored to you. You are not limited or restricted by the routines of anyone else working out.

Book a consultation today to learn more about GPT and how we can work with you to meet your goals.



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