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Does Stretching Actually Do Anything?

What Does Stretching Do? You have little things in your muscles called muscle spindle fiber. They tell your brain how long your muscle is. If your muscle stretches too far, your muscle spindle fiber tells the brain, and the brain tells the muscle to contract (tighten).  The goal of stretching is to convince the brain […]

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How To Order Compound Exercises 

How To Order Compound Exercises There are many benefits of incorporating compound exercises into your routine. More efficient workouts Getting stronger Building muscle It seems like a no-brainer that you should add these exercises to your program. Our fitness trainers have already done that for you with your workouts at TS Fitness. However, if you […]

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4 Tips To “THRIVE” If You Are New To H.I.I.T

For the past five years, H.I.I.T has become exceedingly popular, and this year ranks 3 on American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)  list of 2019 trends.  H.I.I.T stands for High-Intensity Interval Training.  At first glance, HIIT can seem a bit intimidating so we put together a few tips for H.I.I.T newcomers. 

H.I.I.T is a form of interval training that alternates periods of exercise with less-intense recovery periods. H.I.I.T is based on being able to push yourself to a high intensity followed by rest so that you can repeat that intensity again. Not only is interval training a great way to torch calories quickly, but it also helps you to continue burning more calories after the workout than a regular cardio workout.  The variety of movements also keeps many people challenged and engaged.

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Holy Crap, It's Dark Out

Since when did it get so dark? We haven't even reset our clocks yet for Day Light Savings, yet the morning feels like midnight.

With the threat of the winter blues upon us, what can we can do to stay positive and motivated to work out even if we need a flashlight to get dressed in the morning?

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What The Hell Is the Speed Ladder For?

What The Hell Is the Speed Ladder For?

One of our favorite pieces of equipment in the gym is the speed ladder. It’s so simple but so effective.

We use the speed ladder not to just improve your dance moves or bring you back to your hopscotch days but to help you develop a variety of skills.

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Work Your Entire Body in Just 9 Minutes

Sometimes you only have 9 minutes to spare between running errands, sitting on conference calls, or getting dinner in of the oven. Coach Henry put this total-body workout that will suffice when you’re in a time crunch.When you’re pressed for time, quick bodyweight workouts are useful. Any amount of exercise is far better than doing nothing. Bodyweight workouts also provide your body a much-needed break from weight training, which can beat up your joints and lead to overuse injuries.

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