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Coach Rachel Busts 3 Misconceptions about Strength Training for Women

With the New Year, lots of women are heading to the gym to start 2019 off healthy. With so many fitness options, it leaves many just walking on the treadmill or just doing cardio based classes because they are unsure about what weight training may do to their body.

TS Fitness Coach Rachel shares her perspective on clearing up three of the most common misconceptions about strength training for women. Though we hear many of these concerns from women, most principals also apply to men!

1. I don’t want to get bulky

This is so common – although finally I think women are starting to realize the amazing benefits of strength training! Here’s the thing – strength training doesn’t make you “bulky”. Simply put, the “bulk” is fat on top of your muscle when your muscles gets bigger. You NEED muscle to have a “toned” look.  A proper diet of real, whole foods can help you shed the fat if you’re in a deficit (taking in less calories than you burn).

At TS, we’ve partnered with Balanced Habits to help our Group Personal Training (GPT) clients develop better eating habits to help lose that bulk.

2. I just want to “tone”

That’s amazing!! Read above 🙂 Tone = muscle. Muscle = tone. There’s no difference. When you build muscle you look toned. Here’s the thing – you need to lift weights with a progressive overload to build muscle, AKA repeating movements to give your muscles the proper stimulus to grow and gradually increasing weight. If you’ve been lifting the 10 dumbbells for a year and haven’t seen much change– it’s probably time to increase your weight! There’s no specific rep range or load that’s going to give you amazing results right away. It takes TIME and patience to grow muscle, especially as females!! The most important thing is that you’re challenging yourself with resistance training 3-4x per week (whether that’s higher rep, lower weight or lower rep and higher weight).

We train our clients using metabolic resistance training (MRT), which relies on completing structural and compound exercises with little rest in between exercises to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout. MRT sessions can burn calories for 38 hours after completing a work out. In other words, if you complete a GPT session with us on Monday morning, you will be still burning calories on Tuesday evening. Talk about getting more burn for your buck!

3. I don’t want to hurt myself

Most injuries happen OUTSIDE of the gym! We fall, we sprain ankles on curbs, we hurt our back lifting moving boxes – this is the reason WHY we strength train our bodies and learn proper form. So that we can take on everyday life like a boss. Get yourself a knowledgeable strength coach and you will not hurt yourself in the gym if you’re training with perfect form.

If you have any questions about strength training and finding the right program for your body, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]



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