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The Benefits Of Using An Ab Roller

Coach Noam was recently featured in an article at Self regarding the benefits of incorporating an ab roller into your quartine or virtual training routine. The ab roller which may look like a medieval torture device is a wheel with two handles on the sides that works your core to as you roll it forward and backward.

If a sculpted midsection is what you’re after, the ab roller can potentially help you get there, considering it seriously works your “six-pack” ab muscles, aka the rectus abdominis. “[The rollout] is a very rectus abdominis-centric exercise and if done in different planes of motion, it can be functional,” says Noam Tamir, C.S.C.S., strength coach and founder of TS Fitness in New York City. Working in different planes of motion requires you to not only push the wheel right out in front of you, but out on different diagonals too.

The rollout exercise engages your entire body—not just the abs. “The positioning requires a lot of upper body strength and it does require a lot of trunk stability, so it works the lower back as well, and it engages the glutes,” explains Tamir. “Improved trunk stability and strength leads to better posture and function.” To gain those benefits, you still want to switch up the direction you’re rolling, at least occasionally, he adds.

Read more about how to incorporate the ab roller into your routine over at Self. 





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