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Climb 40

Climb 40 incorporates the use of the highest calorie burning piece of cardio equipment in the studio, the VersaClimber. The VersaClimber is a non-impact vertical climbing machine that works both your upper and lower body, while building cardio endurance. 

Climb 40 is a small private session with just 3 attendee slots, meaning you’ll have your own set of equipment and dedicated guidance from our trainers.  You will split your time between the VersaClimber and the floor where you will use equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX, and more to give you a calorie burning and body toning workout. You will burn just as many calories in this 40 minute class as you would in most 60 minute sessions.  Climb 40 a great complement to our personal training program.


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