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How To Build Muscle With Out Fancy Gym Equipment

The easiest way to increase the difficulty of an exercise is to increase the volume by adding more repetitions of a movement or more sets. It’s possible to increase strength this way using just bodyweight movements, but that requires a moderate level of fitness to sustain the exercises with good form.
To really feel the burn, add partial reps to a movement or slow it down, according to Noam Tamir, founder and CEO of TS Fitness.
A 1 3/4 squat, for instance, involves lowering down into a squat, then rising 75% of the way to standing, then back to a low squat before standing up and repeating. Another technique, a tempo exercise, involves counting to five as you slowly lower down into a squat, push-up, or similar movement, holding at the bottom and moving up slowly.
“The muscle is under tension for longer so it’s under stress,” Tamir said.
Read more about increasing the difficulty of your workout without investing in fancy equipment in the full article on Insider.



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