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Floor to the Bar: Mastering the Chin-Up

At TS, we like to teach chin-ups before moving to the more complex pull-up. We recognize that chin ups are difficult for many of our clients so we’ve mapped out a series of progressions that will train you to be able to complete a set of chin ups in no time (ok, some time).  

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The 5 Skills Needed to Crush an Obstacle Course Race

Obstacle courses have become increasingly popular over the past few years as they are great way to challenge yourself and work together with a group of friends for a common goal. In October, members of the TS community will be running the Tri State New Jersey Spartan Sprint. Sprints are usually about 3-4 miles with least 15 different obstacles. Since the course map is not released beforehand, there is little way of knowing what you could expect on race day so you will have to be prepared to face anything!

So how do you train for such a race? Typically obstacles will test your upper body and grip strength, crawling ability, hill running capacity, overall endurance, and teamwork skills.

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