The TS Fitness Method

Our Method

At TS Fitness, our method is based on the goal of building you up–not breaking you. We give each client the accountability, motivation, and programming needed to reach their goals. While we do one-on-one training, we specialize in Personal Training in a small group. Our program will help you achieve your goals because it’s both science-based and sustainable. Consistency is key!

TS stands for “Together Stronger” because we believe strength training is more effective when surrounded by a strong community. Studies show that people who exercise in groups push themselves more than if they worked out alone and benefit from comradery. Additionally, group classes raise general endorphin levels, giving you a significant mood boost to push you through the end. We foster a strong community by tapping into this positive energy in our workouts.

The Intro Session

Before you start working with the TS team, we conduct an individual intro session to identify your goals and develop a strategy to reach them.  Many gyms neglect baseline fitness exams to focus only on clients’ long-term goals while not doing reassessments to measure progress.  Every 8-10 weeks, you have our team members sit down with one of the team members to reassess their progress toward their goals and measure results. This is where many other fitness programs fall short–you are evaluated once and never again. 

Our intro session includes a lifestyle assessment, goal-setting section, and body scan to measure muscle mass and body fat percentage. We then put you through a workout so we can select exercises and weights that are most appropriate for you and your goals.

The Workout Session

Each session starts with a methodical warm-up (we will never throw you right into intense exercise). We get your body warmed up, step by step and joint by joint before launching into the strength portion. 

After our warm-up, we transition to the workout.  Our program is focused on multiple supersets  when you do 2 exercises back to back) for a full-body workout but using different muscles.  Each month, we progress your exercises to ensure you never plateau and keep seeing and feeling results. Our coaches will walk you through every part of your training routine. They are experts in circulating throughout the area and making sure members have good form and are challenging themselves.  In addition, each member has a netbook that includes their programs, a place to enter weights and videos to assist with guidance.  

We also include portions of the workout that involve cardiovascular training. This helps keep your heart healthy, improve your endurance, and help you burn extra calories.

Why Strength Training?

Studies show that strength training sessions can increase your average caloric expenditure for up to 48 hours after completing a workout Doing a cardio workout such as running only increases your caloric expenditure for 30 minutes after exercise. Strength training helps you lose body fat.

The most efficient way to increase muscle mass is through strength training and progressive overload. This is when you slowly and systematically increase the weights you lift. The added stress causes the body to build more muscle and get stronger. Muscles take up approximately 20% less space than fat. The more muscle you have, the faster your resting metabolic rate is. As a bonus, this also helps to strengthen your bones and joints.

Strength training is the best way to stay healthy and look and feel your best. Based on research, it is the optimal method for longevity and sustained high quality of life.

Our results speak for themselves. Check out what some of our members are saying.

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