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3 Ways To Avoid The Gym But See Results

People want simpler and faster results.  

Yes, we know that working out will help immensely but here are three other things you can do to see results faster. 

This isn’t shit I just made up. This is actual science.

Walk Faster     

The way people lose weight is by being in a caloric deficit. That means you burn more calories than you take in.  Getting in 10,000 steps is great but it is how you get those steps in that is important. Get that heart rate up when you walk and you will expend more calories. 

Get your hustle on: try to pass people and navigate so you hit all the walk signs or take the long way. Those quick steps add up!

Eat More Protein 

Protein speeds up your metabolism more than all the other nutrients.  Aim for 30 grams of protein in each meal (with a daily goal of about .75- 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight) to speed up your metabolism and reduce your cravings at night.

Sleep 7-8 Hours and Go To Sleep At Consistent Times

Sleep is underrated because it is difficult to monitor results. However, getting consistent 7-8 hours of sleep helps to keep your metabolism high and fight cravings. 

Do you notice that when you sleep like shit you crave carbs and you can’t eat enough to stay full? That’s because your hormones are all out of wack and your body is telling you to eat more and not feel full.

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